Sunday morning services are held most Sundays of the year.

Sunday morning services are held most Sundays of the year.

Our Community

Being a smaller, but certainly vibrant, Temple (as are many in the Central California area), we have much to offer. Within the Central California valley, we have access to (or sponsor) workshops, fun trips, retreats, foreign tours, and seminars for all ages.

 Our Temple

Temple InteriorOur Temple has a minister (householder priest) and there are no monks or nuns as this is not a monastery or a nunnery. It is “A Family Place” where all are welcome to participate. It is not uncommon to see four generations of membership in attendance at services. Our dress code is casual, with members attending in shorts during the hot season.


  • Rinban Kakei Nakagawa
  • Rev. Kaz Nakata

Buddhist Education Director: Ron Sasaki


  • President: Jack Mori
  • Vice President: Don Yamakawa
  • Rec. Secretary – Betty Mori
  • Corresp. Secretary: Mark Shimaji
  • Treasurer: Baron Nitta

Our Sangha (congregation) is quickly blending into American society with persons of all races and religious traditions finding their way to our welcoming style and easily understood teachings of the Dharma.

Sunday Services

Beginning at 10 AM children and adults are in the Hondo. During the second half of the service, the children are excused to go to their classes and the adults remain for Dharma Discussion. All ages gather together to close the service. The entire service lasts about 1 hour.

Regular Sunday Morning Services may be combined with important traditional observances such as Shotsuki Hoyo and various Buddhist Holidays. This makes it possible for all to attend and does not significantly extend the time of the service, just the format. Our services are in English, with an occasional speaker who will give a Japanese language message. We have a Chairperson, chanting, singing, a Dharma Message given by the priest (minister), the offering of incense, and closing words. This format is distinctly different from those in Far Eastern countries and more closely resembles the American Sunday Service.

Visalia Buddhist Temple

514 E Center Ave, Visalia, CA 93292 | (559) 732-5744

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